How to clean your Facebook profile


The social networking sites such as Facebook will become messy with the increasing number of friends, apps,news feeds and pages. All this occupies so much screen space and you will not find the useful posts and so you can’t enjoy the social networks anymore. You will find the silly apps and posts from the unknown people and you will be irritated.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and it is the most annoying sites on the internet and you will the number of spam notifications and the clutter distracting you from the important things your friends share. Facebook have taken extensive measures to eliminate the spam from the news feeds, but still the spam will keep coming into your profile.

Here I am explaining how to clean your Facebook profile, with the Chrome extension called FB Purity.

  • First install the FB Purity extension on your Chrome browser and then log in to your Facebook account.
  • After log in to Facebook account, click on the FBP button present on the right side to Facebook’s search bar. This displays all the options in FB purity extension.
  • You can enable or disable the features by marking the check boxes next to the options.
  • Now mark the following options for the basic clean up : People you may know, Game+App stories, News Ticker bar, Gifts, Trending topics, ¬†and sort feed : most recent.
  • After checking the options click on the apply and save options present at the bottom.
  • Addition to this basic options there are so many advanced options are also present on the FB purity settings page. The advanced options includes hiding the side bar links, change the fonts and colors and chat block options.

This FB purity add on is also available for Mozilla Firefox and for Google Chrome FB Purity is available here.