How to check cookies on Android phone


What are the cookies ? How I can see the Cookies on my Android phone ? are the questions in your mind. This post gives you the clear information about that. The cookies are maintained by the web browser. The method vary from the web browser you are using. Actually the stock android phone is not a feature rich app when compared some of the third parties. For example you are not able to examine or delete individual browser cookies.

How ever we can able to check your cookies  or delete the all saved cookies at a time in the web browser menu. You can also clear the cache and history from the browser settings. As both cache files and cookies are accumulate in your browser app, you may begin to experience the slow browsing and blank screens. To make the surfing fast you need to clear the cache and cookies. This post gives you the steps How to Check cookies On Android Phone.

  • Go to the internet browser icon to launch the stock Android browser.
  • Press menu icon to open the browser menu and tap the setting to open the browser settings screen.
  • Tap privacy or Privacy and security tab depending up on the available in the browser settings.
  • Tap the clear browsing data option to clear the History and Cache of the browser by check up the options you want to clear like Auto fill and Password.
  • Tap the clear cookies site data option.
  • Click the clear cache check box and then click the clear button to clear cache and cookies  from the browser.