How to burn iTunes movies into DVD

By | May 24, 2014

You would have downloaded your favorite movies and music from your iTunes account and you need to use them to play on your TV or to share with your friends. Then you should burn those data downloaded from iTunes into a DVD. You can burn the iTunes files in to the DVD using the video ultimate converter. Here is the procedure for how to transfer iTunes into DVD using the video ultimate converter.

How to burn iTunes movies into DVD

You can easily burn iTunes movies into DVD using the video ultimate converter. You can easily burn TV shows, iTunes movies, videos, music, podcasts, films and more into the DVD with just a few clicks on Mac OS X or any Windows OS. It can also act as a video converter, video downloader and DVD ripper.

Here is the process for how to burn iTunes movies into DVD using the video ultimate converter.


  • First download Video ultimate converter for  from here and install it and run.
  • After installing click on the burn tab and click on the add files to import the iTunes  movies. You can also locate the iTunes files directly and drag them to the program from the computer’s hard drive.
  • After this choose a DVD menu template and customize it with the background music, pictures and more.
  • You can also select the DVD parameters like DVD region, video quality, aspect ratio and more.
  • After all the settings are done, now insert a DVD into the PC and click on the burn and starts burning the iTunes files into the DVD.


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