How to Boost up 3G on Android phones


Smartphones like those running on the Android Operating system are only good at receiving the signal, With out access to wireless data, The features of Android phone are limited even in the case of 3G also the signals are too low. You have to find the ways to improve the signals in the Device.

There are many ways which helps to strengthen the signals of the Android phones like you can address the Android software issues which may cause 3G glitches, Even you can find the signal booster to Amplify the 3G signals. This article explains you how to Boost up the 3G on Android phones.

Steps to strengthen the 3G Signal on Android Phones

  • Unlock your phone go to home button and press menu followed by ¬†settings.
  • Tap “Wireless & Network” and then tap “Mobile Networks.” Touch the check box next to “3G Data” to add a green check if there’s not already one there. Press “Back” twice.
  • Once you are done above steps, Scroll down and tap on the about phone and go to system updates and tap on the update PRL¬†This will update the library of wireless towers that your Android phone can use. If new towers have come online, this will help to boost your 3G signal.
  • Now press the home button again after that press and hold power button until you get pop up mean appear, and touch the Airplane mode and you need to wait up to airplane icon appears on bar of your device.
  • Repeat the same process to turn off Airplane mode, Wait for the signal indicator to reappear in the status bar. This process turns the radio off and then back on, which can cause the Android phone to acquire a better 3G signal.