How to Block website in all web browsers


There are many why people ask to block the website, The main reasons are to prevent the children from accessing to some content like adult and gambling sites. For the employees to block the entertainment and social networking sites to increase their productivity. This article shows the access to block website in all web browsers.

Steps to Block the website

  • Open the start go to run and type c:\windows\system\drivers\etc, If windows is not installed in c drive then substitute c with appropriate drive as shown in below figure.
  • Block-a-Website-in-All-Web-Browsers-Step-1-Version-2Double click on the Hosts which open a document in notepad when windows prompts you. The Hosts file tells the system what it should do when specific domains or IP addresses are accessed. This is the file you are going to edit.


  • In the notepad locate the line local host or : : 1 local host and place your cursor at the lower down press enter to create new line.


  • Type the website you want to block, You can block any site but it should be preface with


  • Add all the website you want to block one after the other in the next line and save the notepad while click it.



  • If you cannot save the file then you need a permission from admin or you need to be member in the admin.
  • To get the permission right click on the host file , chose Properties > security and make sure all the baoxes are checked in your account. This should allow you to save the file as admin.


  • Other wise save the file to desktop and and drag the file to where it needs to be.This could work, although it’s not as preferable as the above method.