How to Block unwanted calls on iphone

By | May 22, 2014

There are two ways to block unwanted calls on iphone, One way is to block the call through your carrier and other thing is blocking the call from your device. iOS 7 does not have the new feature that allows the blocking the unwanted calls, but rather than a true block, it sends straight voice call.

1.  Blocking unwanted calls through your carrier

Many of the carrier are offering a feature to Block the unwanted calls which you not want to hear, Some of the carrier offers limited blocking calls for free. suppose you wants to block some numbers permanently you need to pay monthly

Verizon Wireless:

If your are using the Verizon phone, you can able to block the calls by logging in your account on their website. This company is offering five numbers for free of cost, Up to 90 days the numbers which you have entered will be under blocked list after that you need to enter the numbers manually again.

To add the number follow the below procedure

  • Go to My Verizon.
  • Click on the manage Verizon family safeguards and controls.
  • Scroll down and find call and message blocking.
  • Click on add now.
  • Enter the 10 digit phone number you want to Add
  • Click on submit button.


If you are using AT&T carrier, The Blocking unwanted calls can be done by adding smart controls to your plan for $4.99 per month which allows to block up to 30 calls.

Follow the steps to subscribe.

  • Open I want to drop Down menu.
  • Choose change services.
  • Scroll down and find smart solutions.
  • Check the box next to smart limits for wireless parental Controls.
  • Click next.
  • Under features select the effective/Expiration date, to the choose the service Date when you want to start.
  • Hit Next.

Once you have added the smart controls to your plan, go to the smart limit for wireless on the account management page and choose the block numbers. Enter the number you want to block and hit submit.


If you are using Sprint, You can able to block the up to 50 numbers for free of cost. after logging in go to my preference > find limits and permissions > choose block voice there should be option called Block only the following phone numbers for in bound and out bound calls and add the number you want to block. After 90 days new need to re enter the numbers manually.

2.Blocking calls from your iphone

If you are not interested to go on through carrier to block a number, on your iPhone running iOS 7, as stated earlier, will allow you to block numbers directly on the device, but will not prevent them from hitting your voice mail. This feature is not available for iOS 6 or lower, but there are third-party apps and services that will allow you to do so from your device or computer.

Call Bliss

In apple play store there is app called Call Bliss, Actually this is third party application which you need to install for the purpose of blocking the calls that mimics Apple’s own Do Not Disturb feature, but with some significant improvements. The free version lets you create groups and lists for Allowed and Suppressed contacts.