How to Block Computer connecting to proxy server

By | May 30, 2014

There are many Suspicious activities such as hackers, botnets hacking your your system. One of the challenges you face is Proxy servers.  To block the proxy servers follow the steps given below. This post will gives you clear idea about How to Block Computer connecting to proxy server.

Block Computer by using the Software

  • Install the proxy software on the server, You have to purchase or download the proxy software which is available in the market. You may have to provide the software the URL address of the proxy server. The software will find the rest of the server’s information, and store it. The software will also likely have a feature in which you configure it to update the proxy list every week.
  • Analyze the IP address, By using the software try to find the IP address where it is located. The Software will give the information includes protocol, Proxy speed, country and port number.Even you can find out IP address is coming from Business computer or Home computer.
  • If it’s a business computer, the software will let you know if its IP address is coming from an Internet service provider, proxy service, or a co-located server that’s located in a data center.
  • Verify if the address is a static address IP address,A static IP address is a number that the Internet service provider permanently assigns a computer so that it can communicate with other computers via the Internet. If the IP address did not come from a co-location or is privately-owned, then it can be coming from a CIDR. CIDR, which stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, is a method to assign and identify the Internet addresses that are applied in inter-domain routing. This method is more flexible than the initial system of IP address classes. CIDRs can vary in size. Some can consist of thousands IP addresses, while others can be as small as four to eight IP addresses.
  • Search for the IP address in the CLDR , Software will detect if IP address is bad.
  • Block the proxy from the visiting your website, When the proxy server tries to access your website and a message will displayed as “access denied”.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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