How to begin career in web Development

By | June 11, 2014

People who are interested to begin career in web Development , Its very simple and easy start learning First of all decide which language you want to learn. Most people choose open source languages like PHP, Python etc because of the immense resource available over web for self learning. Some others choose ASP.NET & similar others. The choice can be personal for some people. However in my opinion, choose the field you have maximum interest.


There are some websites for the beginners where you can start learning many languages like HTML, CSS, Java script and more for example, I suggest you to go through some of the websites like, and many more. python is also a programming language for this there are many materials available on Google. For choosing the Good technology keep searching by consulting your elders or friends all the time to get best technology.


For example suppose if you choose Php and MySQL as database will help you to work with a range of open source applications like wordpress a Content Management System and Magneto (a shopping cart building software ) and many other open source applications like Joomla, Open cart etc.Choosing Python as language & PostgreSQL as database will help you to work with one of the most promising Open Source ERP software named Open ERP.

The beginners and freshers have to understand the technologies briefly for that you need to use PHP web development like HTML,  CSS, Jquery in to single which makes you understand very well,   and finally make sure to do some certification regarding the technology your are very much interested. For better understanding  follow the below steps

know your strengths and weakness

Firstly you should know the areas in which you are strengths and in the weak area you need to work out well maximize the value  offers to clients. Beginners have to consider this area which include

  • Graphical Design
  • HTML / CSS production
  • Scripting in PHP / JavaScript / ColdFusion etc.
  • Estimating work for projects.
  • Communication skills.
  • Database design & build.
  • Team leading.

Finding web Development job If you are comfortable with the basics of the web development languages then you start searching a job, To get a job as web Developer  you should be strong four components

  • Basics.
  • Programming or coding.
  • Graphics and design.
  • Writing and content Development.

Before searching the job you have to decide how do you want to work? whether do you want to do big job for big clients or else you want to paid monthly or daily/hour basis. Make a clear clarity and promote your self. Choose your market Remember one thing you are selling the services to the people not to the companies, It may be company paying the bill. But it’s person who is going to take the decision whether to hire you.I hope now you got a basic idea about How to begin career in web Development