How to Be Safe on Social Networking Sites


We all are using a social networking website to interact with each other. But now days most of the threat comes from the Social networking website. Today the 21st century is becoming a digital library in which all the people information is stored online. So any Unauthorized can access your personal information or use your data for the wrong purpose, So you have to be Safe on Social Networking Sites

It never means that stop using of Social Networking. Because Today your online being has a direct impact on the rest of your life. So enjoy the social networking sites, But also keeping security in mind. To maintain your security you have followed some easy but important steps.

Following Steps makes you to be Safe on Social Networking Sites

      • Step 1 – I will suggest you- Don’t reveal too much for this– Each website offered you the different levels of privacy settings to control access to your profile page and your interaction with others. The Identity theft is a major threat for the industry on the Internet and information extracted from social networking sites, which might be used by the  any criminals to spam e-mails and for targeted attacks on specific individuals and companies,  by the these social engineering techniques.
        social safty 1
      • Step 2 – You have always beware of spam messages : It could be an e-mail pretending to be from someone you know, addressing you by your first name and mentioning the names of your children. It never not look like a spam message and it is a trick which is used by the hackers for revealing even more sensitive information. Similar methods are also used to gain financial information from  the businesses.
        safety 2- spam images
      •  Step 3 – Educate yourself : As social networking sites and chat rooms are especially famous in between the children and teenagers, it is essential that the parents have to educate them about safe online behavior with browsing and to keep the tabs on what they are doing online.
        step 3-security settings
      • Step 4 –  Always Maintain a good reputation : It is important because whatever you post on your profile page, or other community forum, remains in the public sphere long after you log out of the web site. Once it is out there on the Web, you have little control over who copies the material, where it is used and how widely it gets distributed by anyone.
        social safety 4

Important Tips-

  • Safe on Social Networking Sites– The best way to guard against such threats is to install software which updates your computer’s defenses automatically and makes sure you won’t be the one spreading worm among your network of friends.
  • Delete the Cookies
  • Update your Web-Browser
  • Checks the anti-virud opdate