How to add or remove friends on Xbox One

By | May 26, 2014

The Xbox One gaming console has recently overhauled the friends page which can be accessed from the moment you boot up the device and sign in to yours Gamertag profile. The Xbox Live friends list looks new and improved and lets you to choose your favorite friends and compare your accomplishments in your games and more.

Here I am explaining how to add or remove friends on Xbox One friends list. Adding and removing the friends is very easy.

How to add friends

  •  First, if you want any friend, you need to find their profile on Xbox Live. Look for their Gamertag under the friends and select to find someone.
  • Enter Gamertag and you will see their picture and click on it and you will get the Add Friend option.
  • From here you can send a request to them, and they accept or deny your friend request.


How to remove friends

  • Removing the friends from your Xbox profile is very easy. First go to the friends page in the profile and select the troublemaker which you wish to give the big boot.
  • The you can see the Remove Friend button, where the add friend option used to be.
  • If you select the remove friend then that friend will be removed from the friends list.

Remember that Xbox live will not consider the two members as friends, until both the parties add each other as friends. If the one person adds the other one as a friends, he will be just allowed to follow him until the other person also accepts his request.



Author: Peter Jacksonn

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