How to add emergency contacts (ICE) on iPhone



Many years ago, mobile phones were used as gadgets that were used as mode of communication. It was earlier sold as luxurious item & was associated with classy people. But today, the scenario has changed completely & it has become a product of the mass rather than the targeted group. The Range starts from Rs 1000/- to 50,000, Apple brand iPhone being the costliest one. The brand value of  iPhone has always lured the buyers. It has become a Status symbol more than a communication tool.

iPhone is not only used for its core purpose but also a shield during emergency situations. Nobody likes to invite troubles but they are like the un-invited guests ,one has to face them with courage rather than a grinning smile. It’s always advisable to save emergency phone numbers to avail the timely help.. Thus one has to be cautious & prepared. The use of ICE has proved to be useful in case of mishaps. It stands for In Case Of Emergency(ICE).

How To add Emergency contacts (ICE) on iPhone

  1. Go to your contact list & click + symbol.
  2. Save the person’s name along with ICE. eg; ICE 1 – Name
  3. Add the full name to the Company section & also mention the Relation. eg; Name-Relation
  4. Click the Add field
  5. Scroll down and go to Notes.
  6. Add the phone number of your ICE contact in the notes section
  7. Click done @ the top.
  8. You can edit the information whenever you wish to or add more information to the ICE contact.
  9. Repeat the above steps to add another ICE contact.

I am sure this article would have thrown insights on saving an ICE contact. Prevention is better than cure. If you haven’t saved yet, please follow the above steps and create an ICE contact.

Now to access those saved ICE contacts on your iPhone, just Press and Hold down the Main Key to open Siri and then ask Siri “Contacts ICE” Now Siri will list all the saved emergency contacts to the screen.