How to Access Windows Files in Linux

By | June 9, 2014

If  any of the reasons you are not able to access your Windows files from your Windows eco-systems and you, not want to format the system because those files are very important for you. Then there is a way- You can Access those Windows File through Linux. I will tell you how can you get those Windows files with the help of Linux. For this you have to follow these below steps, one by one

Steps to Access Windows Files in Linux

  • Step 1 : in the First step you have to acquire a Live Linux image. A distress which can able to read the  ntfs/fat32 like Ubuntu, fedora etc. Or in the case it is not available, then you can Download  it and then burn or buy CD / DVDs.
  • Step 2  : Now in the Second step you have to Ensure, that your BIOS is set to boot from CD/USB. If it in the case it is not set, then first you have to fix it.

boot control

  • Step 3 :  Now Put your CD/USB in. Before the bootloader kicks in (after the POST is okay).
  • Step 4 : Once  the Linux has loaded on your system, then you need to mount your Windows partition.  For this you  might need root access.
    • Now Click on the file browser.


  • In  the browser you will see the windows partition.  Now you have to Right click over it and choose mount option according to your choice and your need.


    • Now  you will observe that the Windows partition will be mounted in the – /media/Ubuntu/*


  • Step 5 :  Now you are able to  access your windows drive from browser which can help you to copy/delete or even edit any file from the windows partition without any problem, which means your important is recovered without any problem