Hot Tiles! : Custom Tiles Creator Available free for Limited time in Store

By | September 3, 2014

The Hot Tiles! app is available free in the Windows Phone Store. The app offered you  to create custom Live Tiles to launch apps and access your Windows Phone settings. It is available free because of the week’s myAppFree deal in the Windows Phone Store.

The Hot Tiles! app gives the ability to create Live Tiles to launch apps in your Windows Smartphone, to give you direct access to a Windows Phone setting or to launch a webpage. You can also create a do nothing tile to act as a spacer or a group tile. This app is available normally in the Windows Phone Store at a price of  $0.99 , but only for limited interval of time.


On the other side myAppFree was recently updated to version The update increases the number of titles on the Featured Page, displays the number of new deals on the Live Tile and a Country leaderboard has been added to the mix to show registered users where their Country ranks globally.

 Features of the Hot Tiles! in the Windows Phone Store :

  • The ability to search online for apps without waiting for the next update
  • The option to create your own icons from photos in your Pictures Hub
  • Translucent tile backgrounds is also present
  • Transparent icons are available

If you want to download the app in your Windows Phone  and absolutely free, then you can click here!