How to host website for free on Google Drive


Many of the webmasters are looking for the most reliable and free web hosting services and also there are plenty of web hosting services which offers the free web hosting and more other services like unlimited bandwidth and even 99% uptime. Although much of the free web hosting services are available, it is hard to choose the right services for your requirement, because most of the web hosting services will be disappearing suddenly and even they sell off their commercial web hosting service.

To put check to this problems Google has announced that Google Drive is getting the ability for site publishing. To use Google Drive you just need to store your CSS, HTML and JavaScript and the image files into the public folder. After uploading set the folder’s sharing settings to “public on web”, so that everyone can access them. Using Google Drive as hosting service for your website is more reliable because your will site will be served through Google’s own servers.

If you are looking for free reliable hosting service for your service then this article will definitely helpful for you.


How to host website for free on Google Drive

Step 1 : Log in to Google Drive using your Google account and click on Create and Select Folder.

Step 2 : Create the new folder and name it.

Step 3 : Now mark on the checkbox beside to the folder you created and click on Share icon.

Step 4 : In the share settings click on change.

Step 5 : Go to sharing settings select Public on web and click on Save and  click Done. 

Step 6 : Click on the website’s folder title and click on upload icon>Files.

Step 7 : Select all the files and click Open and for sub folder you need to create it manually in Google Drive.

Step 8 : Create the website all by yourself or search for “Free HTML website template” on Google.

Step 9 : You need to give permission at the selected folder and click on Upload and share. 

Step 10 : You need to figure out new website address, open Website folder and then copy the string character of #folders.

Step 11 : Now open the new tab on your browser and paste that string into the address bar and now everyone can access your new website using that address.