HornTell raises $150K to make notifications powerful


HornTell, Indian tech startup based in Gurgaon has raised $150K in Angel round led by Bharanidharan Viswanathan (91Mobiles). The funding round also saw the participation from Sanjiv Mital (NISG), Shobhit Shukla and Rahul Agarwal (Near.in).

HornTell is said to be working on a notification platform which makes users perform literally any action from the notification feed. The actions can include making payments, sending mails or making calls. The users have to add the apps in the notification feed and the platform gathers all the actions possible, making them available at one point as well as saving a lot of time and efforts of the users.

It was started as a chrome extension which used to work on the websites actions. However, over time, the product has evolved and it recently launched an Android App, which increases its reach over the mobile platform. HornTell is planning to launch an iOS app soon to cover even more mobile audience.

Currently, it is said to be working with over 400+ internet platforms. Some of the notable names being Github, Trello, Mailchimp, Stripe, ProductHunt, Shopify, Basecamp and Zapier. Talking about the statistics, it is reaching over 200,000 people monthly and over 40% of the total cards created get response.

HornTell feels that the startup is working in order to disrupt the tech market. According to a statement releases, there have been two disruptions in the tech industry, both of them being transition from native apps to web apps and then from web apps to the mobile apps. Transition to the notification feed will be third such disruption and HornTell is working whole heartedly for the same.