Honda unveiled 2016 Accord with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto



On Thursday, Honda announced its new 2016 Accord at its new R&D department in Mountain View, California. This Honda car will come with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. This new 2016 Honda Accord will be the first car to get dual interface upgrade. Frank Paluch, President of Honda R&D Americas said, “All our competitors are touting their operations here, and that is a good thing. Honda will embrace and help lead this convergence. Our operations in Silicon Valley are a testimony to our focus on this new direction in our product and technology development efforts.”

By opening the R&D department in Silicon City, Honda is clearly show dedication to the next generation automotive. In this research center, the researchers will focus on the technology, which will improve the way we drive and relate with the car. According to Honda, this R&D department will work on Honda’s Xcelerator initiative and provide resources to breakthrough technology innovators, which will help the developer to develop prototypes to transform the future automotive experience.