Hockey Fight : Rough Boxing Game for Windows Phone


Hockey Fight a rough Boxing game is available on the Windows Phone 8 OS platform. The Hockey Fight is  available in Pro and Lite version in the Windows Phone Store. The Hockey Fight game has launched by Ratrod Studio. The Ratrod has already released some very impressive games, which are already available on the Windows Phone platform such as Drift Mania series and the Skateboard Party series.

The Hockey Fight idea is based on the Fights which happens during the ice Hockey match. Hockey Fight  game menus play a lyrical song which is very much similar to the music of Linkin Park.


The game will offer two modes  to play  such as- Tournament and Quick Play. At the  present time in this fight game multiplayer mode is not available, which is the biggest drawback of this game. The Quick Play simply allows you to engage in one-off fights against the computer opponent, according to your choice. Only those characters are available, which have been unlocked in Tournament mode are available in Quick Play.

In the Tournament mode, there is a series of fights against AI opponents. After winning a fight, you will receive points to spend on upgrades for your brawler. There are four states to boost: attack, defense, speed, and stamina.


You will  start out with one character to choose from: The Prodigy. All of the characters in the gameplay have a generic name. The Magnet, The Storm, The Brawler. After selecting the character and jersey color.  The Battles begin with a decent fly-in towards the ice. The background  in the gameplay 3D with a 2D crowd. All of the fighters similar to the like late-nineties 3D models.

For control the character you will get the Four buttons which found the four corners of the screen,  and each of them are represents the left or right fist and a high or low punch. By changing  them between the different punches, you can string together basic 3-5 hit combos. Tapping both of the bottom buttons at the same time you can block the hit of the opponent. Apart of that, the player also has able for the  short special punch meter, which fills as combo hits are landed. Get the special meter filled up and you will get a couple of different uppercut punches, which you can use on your opponent.  The Pais version cost of the Game is only $0.99.

The Hockey Fight is available in Windows Phone store-

  • For Lite or Free version you can click here!
  • For a Pro or Paid version you can click here!