Hitchbot starts its American road Trip



From now onward, there are chances that you may see a hitchhiking robots named Hitchbot on the sides of road, waiting for you to give it a lift. So if you found this robot waiting on the road, consider giving it a lift, because this robot is planning to make it across the United States by checking of tourist’s destination, which comes on its way.
The Hitchbot is robot created by Dr. David Smith of McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada with his partner Dr. Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada and it is from Ontario Canada. Ina statement Dr. David Smith and Dr. Frauke Zeller said, “By this robot, we will learn a lot about social robotics and one approach the robot at normal and random place”.

This Hitchbot has already traveled through Canada, Germany and Netherlands, and this has been possible due to kindness of people. This robot has some limitations; it can’t travel by its own, so it is going to need a helping hand to make it to its destination. This is a very talkative robot; it comes with speech recognition system, which helps it to continue chatting with you, as well as a camera to automatically take pictures in every 20 minutes and GPS to know about its surroundings.

Its road trip has started at Salem, Massachusetts on Friday and its final destination is San Francisco Exploratorium. This Hitchbot hopes to visits some tourist’s place on the way like Time Square in New York City, Millennium Park in Illinois, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Hitchbot is a 3 feet tall robot and weighs 25 pounds. It comes with a speech recognition system, a camera, 3G, GPS system, a speaker system and microphone.

If you gave lift to this Hitchbot, then you can give it to some other people you meet or you can leave it at any stop, shop, gas station or at the side of road, but before you leave you have to set its kickstand and raising its thumb.