Hip Hop Box for iOS : Make professional sounding tracks


Hip Hop Box is a music making application developed by indie game studio, Blue Boat located in UK and Thailand. Hip Hop Box iOS app lets everyone who are interested in Hip Hop Music to create the professional Hip Hop tracks with the minimum knowledge. Now tap the standard industry samples and create your own banging Hip Hop tracks and start expressing yourself.

Hip Hop Box allows the music lovers, who are interested in creating the electronic music, now create some professional soundtracks with in few minutes. You must know just the minimum knowledge and rules for making the hip hop music and follow the already set templates.

Some of the musicians in their initial career phase will be facing some problems and struggling to get the correct sounds and make the professional music, this is not regarding their lack of skills but because of the lack of understanding of the fundamental elements that comprises to make a Hip Hop song. Hip Hop Box helps to solve these problems with several features and makes the music creation a fun and get the good results in real time.



  • Hundreds of cutting edge loops and high quality sounds.
  • Separate layers for┬ádrums, percussion, melody,┬ávocals, background loops and sound effects.
  • Simple interface very easy to use a help to create the sound tracks very quickly.
  • Record and overdub you tracks.
  • Save and load your tracks and edit them later.
  • 49 pad controller.

Finally Hip Hop Box is a new way to create the music and it makes fun to create the music. We promise you that you will definitely enjoy creating the Hip Hop music using Hip Hop box and you can learn some important things regarding the professional music.

Hip Hop Box for iOS is available for free and download it here.