High Noon 2 – 3D Shooter Game for Android

By | April 28, 2014

The High Noon 2 is a 3D multi-player shooting game which is available for the Android Smartphones in Google Play Store. It is a third person shooter which is mainly focused more on one-on-one dueling. It is a nice and simple game, only you have to need a data pack or an internet connection in yours Android Smartphone.

In this game you can create a character, choose some weapons, and duel it out with other people online to see who can kill each other with the highest efficiency.There are two ways to play this game – You can invite friends or you can have an opponent selected at random over the internet. In the dueling you will get in-game money that you can use to buy upgrades, costumes, and power ups.


The  High Noon 2 game mechanics and graphics are pretty impressive. It has offered a tilt-and-tap method where you can tilt to aim and tap to shoot or use items. A fun little mechanism  in which you have to flip your Smartphone down and then wait for the bell to start. It means you cannot play with the game on mute mode.  The Game is free to download in the Google Play Store.

Features of High Noon 2

  •  The game contains 3D graphics and animations
  •  It has a Fast multi-player gun-fights in real time against real opponents
  • Unholster your gun (phone) faster than your opponent for a head start
  •  You can customize your character to suit your style (male or female)
  • Practice your aiming option are also available
  • Challenge  your friends or strangers from around the world and collect their bounty
  • The reward on your head grows the more duels you win
  • Deadlier weapons and more powerful items become available as you unlock new levels
  • Large international player-base from around the world (24/7 action)
  • Steal from your opponents and get rich
  • The game  supports the multiple number of devices
  • It can use the gyroscope and accelerometer for providing a unique gameplay experience