How to Hide Search Button in Taskbar of Windows 10

By | October 2, 2014

The Microsoft Windows 1o Technical Preview is launched and available to download. The Windows 10 comes with many new features, in all the features one new feature is Search Button on the Taskbar. But many user doesn’t want or like this search button on their Windows taskbar, so if you want to hide that, then I can help you, to hide this button from your taskbar in Windows 10 Technical Preview OS. Here all the necessary steps are given below in this article which can help you :


Steps to Hide Search Button in Taskbar of Windows 10

  1. If you to hide the search button from the taskbar, then you can use the Simple Script. but remember we have not figured out how to make it collapse, so you will end up with some stupid white space.
  2. First of all you have to download the AutoHotkey, you can download from here!
  3. After that you have to open up a file explorer window and type shell:startup into the address bar, and then right-click and create a New -> AutoHotkey Script.
    shell script
  4. Now you have to Right-click and choose to edit the script, and paste this into the end:
    Control, Hide, , Search, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
  5. Once you Completed  then it should be look like this:
    hide search button
  6. After  applying the  script code then you will be search button is dispersal and it will looked like this :hidesearch

Note :  According to Microsoft, at present time it is not possible to hide the search button from the taskbar in Windows 10 Technical Preview