Heroo logical puzzle Android game : Review

By | May 9, 2014

Heroo is the color based logical puzzle game for Android developed by Bizcore. It is very simple game so that every one can play but all you need to think carefully. The rules of the game are so simple and it is the real time killer game.

How to play

Each level of the game contains some hexagons and each part of the hexagon is filled with the different colors. For example consider the first level, it will have three hexagons as shown below.


All you need to do is match the adjacent sides with the same color and the level is completed. The first seems like very simple, but the difficulty level will goes on increasing with the levels. You need to finish the level in certain moves that will be given at the starting of the level otherwise you are failed and need to start the level again.

The level of complexity increases with the increase of the levels and I promise you will be addicted to the game. It contains 250 levels and finish all the 250 levels to beat the best scores of other players. You can share your scores with the other friends through Facebook and you can view the best times and records.

The game is free to download but there are some in app purchases in the game like if you want to move to the next level even if you are failed, then it requires small payments to proceed to further level.

Download Heroo game from here.