Henn na Hotel, First robot staffed hotel in Japan


The first robot staffed hotel opened last week in Japan. Henn na Hotel as it is called in the Japanese was shown to the reporters on Wednesday, which will be open for public from Friday. Hideo Sawada, who runs this hotel said, that the hotel is made for reducing the costs and making it more efficient by using the robots. The robots include a dinosaur shaped English-speaking robots and one Japanese speaking human receptionist. This hotel has robots for different tasks like room service, luggage porter.


There is a human shaped robot at the reception, which can answer some simple questions and how to check-in. This hotel also has a facial recognition key, which means that when a guest comes to the hotel, a digital image of the guest’s face will be registered during check-in process.

There is no doubt that this dinosaur shaped robot at the reception is the main attraction and star of the hotel. This robot wears a hat and tie and speaks English with a smile. Both the robots at the reception will answer some simple questions about whether and the hotel.


Another robot in the house is a porter robot, which is programmed by your keycard once you check-in. this robot will take your luggage and also guide you to your room. Entire design of the hotel is simple for both humans and robots.
In the lobby, there is a giant armed shaped robot in a glass quarters. This robot lifts boxes from the stakes into the wall and put it through a place in the glass, the guest will put anything in it and they can use it as a locker. When the person placed an item into it, then the robot will put the box back to its place into the wall until the customer wants it again.


This hotel is way cheaper than all other normal hotel in Japan. Robotics is very popular and Japan is leader in manufacturing the robots in the world. Their government is also supporting this robotics technology and they are planning to use it as a substitute to the human resources.