Helio Virtual mobile network is back with a $29 monthly plan



Do you remember Helio Virtual mobile network, which used to offer data centric plan for tech savvy people and young gun is back with new backer and plan. Ubi telecom, a mobile company which focuses on Korean speaking Americans is betting on Helio and also thinks that it will make a strong comeback. This carrier will operate on Sprint network similar to the previous version and will also have a roaming agreement with Verizon Wireless.

A $29 monthly plan of Helio features unlimited voice calling, text messages and data, this really sounds great. The internet plan of Helio is very slow as the data speed will be 128 kbps, this means that you won’t be able to stream video from Netflix or YouTube.

Now check out its hardware support, you can sign up with your own phone, however it is limited to devices compatible with Sprint, Virgin Mobile, boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless, or you can buy a new one. But it has some outdated phone collection like Kyocera Kona flip phone at $89, Galaxy Epic 4G at $49 or Galaxy S III at $249.
This plan comes with a slow speed net but it can surely work for the person, who wants a basic and very cheap service. Helio has not mentioned any upgradation of speed, so if you are opting for this service, then you have just rely on browsing the web. Helio is offering one month free service for new users, but with some new virtual networks, it will be hard for Helio to review and sustain.