Healthcare Analytics eKincare receive seed funding

By | January 21, 2015


Healthcare Analytics startup eKincare received seed capital from Bitchemy Ventures. Hyderabad based Aayuv Technologies Pvt Ltd owned eKincare, an online platform enables users to monitor critical medical information and view it anywhere, anytime. The platform has transmits data on 256 bit encryption to data center.

eKincare has partnered with major hospitals like Vasan Eye Care, Vijaya Diagnostic Center, Apollo WHITE dental, Thyrocare and Partha Dental. The startup company was founded in 2014 by Kiran Kalakuntla in Hyderabad.

Before floating eKincare startup, Kiran is an alumnus of Duke University and worked with companies like AT & T, Airtel, Maureli Patent Practice and NetCentrics.


The company has digitalization of medical records to the new level. eKincare provides a single database for its users to store all their medical records. There is no limit in storage of medical data. The primary market for eKincare are the one who hold medical records and uses cloud solution like Gmail or Yahoo for emails, Facebook for pictures and Dropbox/Google Drive for data storage. User has to click the picture of the medical records from their smartphone and user has to get into eKincare website. eKincare will generate necessary personalised reports for user.

The company is developing another app where user can easily digitalize the physical records into electronic. This product is under beta stage will be launched shortly in the market. USP of eKincare is focus on personalised, preventive and predictive healthcare. User can assess, track and informed about their well being.

“We are lowering all the barriers and excuses for people to consolidate their medical history. We also convert it into a format – with colour code, graphical history, and timeline – which is easy to understand, “says Kiran Kalakuntla, founder of Aayuv. He further added “Our monetization strategy is to intelligently recommend follow-ups that would help an individual to stay healthy. For ex: If a person is diabetic, we provide personal concierge services, we send timely reminders (also call)to schedule follow-ups and checkups, send an associate to pick up the sample at the comfort of their home, and update the results back on eKincare platform.”


eKincare received seed capital of $300,000 from Bitchemy Ventures and Adroitent. The funds will be utilised for further hiring, marketing and product development of the company.

After funding, Sunil Motaparti, founder and director of Bitchemy said “At Bitchemy, we are always looking for tech companies that can change how an industry works. As Indian healthcare story evolves, there are tremendous opportunities for this to happen. We believe eKincare’s approach of combining digitisation with deep analytics and home healthcare could offer tremendous value to end consumers and change the rules of the game.”

Bitchemy Ventures was founded in 2012; a startup incubator identifies opportunities by analysing the technology landscape. The company has invested around $300,000 in each startup. Bitchemy Ventures invested $600,000 in 3 startups namely 3LOQ Labs, Cafyne Inc and Altiux Innovations.


On the other hand Adroitent Pvt Ltd, a leading global technology and business services provider. The company works on several platforms like SOA, Open Source Environment and others.

‘We see a great value in eKincare’s consolidation of medical history like in the west, and building layer of analytics on the top of it to drive healthy behaviour, “said Srinath Devireddy, President, Adroitent Pvt Ltd.

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