Hammerhead VR app allows to browse genomes

By | August 7, 2015


Earlier this year, Epic games in association with The Welcome Trust, launched a competition named “The Big Data VR Challenge”. The competition tasks were to develop a program, which can find a spontaneous ways to interact and make connection with big and large data sets.

According to VRfocus, For this competition Hammerhead VR has developed “The Genome Browser”, which will allow researchers to visualize and navigate through the big size data. This Genome browser uses data sets generated by the “Wellcome Sanger Institute”. Researchers can recognize the correlations and connection between the genomics data. This will also help them in accelerating their developing process. They can also use this for developing the new drugs. This can be used for treatment of some new diseases.

One can view the 360 degree video by using the compatible browser and can also control by the mouse. You can also view this video on the smartphones with the help of YouTube app with 360 degree experience. On the top of it, if you have Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear, then you have more amazing experience of watching this video on YouTube.

This Hammerhead team didn’t win the competition, but you can watch the newly released video over here.