Haier launches a new GPS integrated watch to track kids

By | September 4, 2015


Haier has launched a little cute colorful wearable E-ZY SOS Watch for tracking kids. This is a simple watch, which comes with an integrated GPS that allows parents to keep eye on their kids with the help of an Android and iOS app. This is not like all other smartwatch; it comes with minimal features and can be used to keep track of kids.

Parents of small kids can set a safe zone for their kids with the help of the app and also, this device comes with a red SOS button that allows kids to communicate with their parents in case of any emergency. This device uses the SOS service of Haier, which is an emergency communication system from the company. This device is also set to come with leather and metal version for senior citizens in near future.

Haier E-ZY SOS Watch is a pretty good device to keep an eye on your kids and would prove helpful to the busy parents.