Hackers Manual Hack WiFi FB app for Android


Hackers Manual Hack WiFi Fb is an Android application, Actually this app is a step by step guide that explains different hacking techniques. This application is pictures for the better under standing. Also apart from other application there is also has advantage that there is a beginner level tor the beginners which will helps you start with out much difficulties. So if you are following the tutorials from beginning, you will not get struck in the middle. How it Works

  • Initially you need to download this application which is available in the Google play store, Once you are done with Download then install it.
  • After installing an application icon will appear on the screen. Double click on the icon to open the application.
  • Terms and conditions and Proceed are the two options which welcomes you to the application, Click on the proceed There will be four options namely Tutorials, News, Terminal and social club.
  • Tutorials provides you all updated Tutorials which includes beginners, Advanced, Tools and programs, website and forums and WiFi Hacking.

Hackers Manual Hack WiFi Fb

  • News options will be updates with the latest news and terminal is to write the code.

Hackers Manual Hack WiFi Fb

  • The last options is Social Club. This feature will let you connect yourself with other users of this application. You can message users, see other users activities, discuss different topics etc using this feature. The Radar feature will let you see the location of other users if they enables it.
  • Simply follow the instructions and continue.

New Features

  • Hackers Terminal added.
  • Included In app Google web and image search.
  • Added social Club, This Feature will let you connect/socialize yourself with other users of this applications.

Conclusion Over all I can say my favorite part of this applications is hands down the daily news updates, Hearing about new threats right from my phone keeps me in the know. Although I have same tutorials from the other application but the beginner feature make me different.

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