This guy built himself a remote for his Chromecast

By | November 26, 2014
Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast streaming stick comes without a major component. A remote control. Instead it relies on a user’s mobile device to launch and control media streams. Jeff Bower felt like something was missing. And he went on to do something about it.

“Chromecast works great on a single device, but for a multi-device household it’s a bit more…interesting,”

Bower stated on Google+ Tuesday, before adding that things get complicated when his wife wants to pause a stream that he started with his phone.

That’s why Bower recently began to build his own Chromecast remote control. His project, aptly called Razcast, is based on a Rhaspberry Pi, a python script to control a Chromecast on the same network, and a single button to pause and resume media playback.


It works great for Google Play Movies and Plex, according to Bower. Unbelievable Jeff!

Author: Saugaat

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