Guests Can Now Access Your Chromecast Without Your Wi-Fi Password


From now on, your guests and friends will be able to connect to your Chromecast without being on your Wi-Fi network with the help of ultrasonic waves. The feature was finally launched yesterday months after Google had announced this feature.


There is one slight hiccup for now though. This new feature will work only if your friend’s phone is running Android. The reason is well known, iOS apps are not authorized to do certain functions that are required to make this feature work. That is the reason why Google has rolled this update out on Android and is waiting for the necessary changes to take place in iOS as well.

By default, the guest mode is off. Once you turn it on, the Chromecast will start displaying a PIN on its idle screen. At the same time, your TV will begin emitting ultrasonic sounds which Chromecast enambled sounds on your phone will begin catching and getting connected too. Once a pairing has been made, you can begin streaming seamlessly from the Chromecast.

You will still be needing an active Wi-Fi connection. This will only save you from sharing your Wi-Fi details with everyone. All you need to do it open the Chromecast app and turn the guest mode on!