Group video calling free on Skype for Mac, Windows and Xbox


Skype is application, where major of the people used for the using video calling in the world. we can say that last one year the users of this application gradually increased. The only problem with the Skype application is the group video calling feature. The users of Skype in fact they have to pay bucks to use this service but not any more. The team officially announced today that Group video calling free on Skype.


As per official announcement, this feature is available free charge for Windows, Mac as well as Xbox.In feature all the platform will receive application for free. So as we can see the users of other mobiles devices have to wait for bit longer until this gets rolled out to touch windows 8 devices ios, Android and windows phone.

For this Group video calling previously they are charging $4.99 for day pass and $8.99 for monthly to use this feature, although they are charging previously the user for the Skype. After this official announcement by them will definitely make the users will stick to this service as well as this makes attractive towards the new users.

Microsoft catching up to the competition with new rival services like Hangouts, Google have offered a video calling service for a quite while now. The Microsoft providing this free offer for Group video calling with limit that we can use this free video call service for 100 hours per month with not more than 10 hours per day. And in that 10 hours we cant talk more than 4 hours with one call continuously. If any body cross this limit automatically the video call will convert to the audio call. This service will allow the users to participate the video call  up to 10 people with windows and Mac, where they are providing only 4 for the xbox one consoles.