Group Feature of OneDrive going to be removed

By | August 22, 2015


Microsoft has officially announced the removal of the group feature from OneDrive in few weeks, this means that the users, who are using OneDrive service for collaboration have to relocate their data to some other new location. This announcement was expected, because lately users were not able to create new groups, for months, they could only work with the existing groups.

Users using Group feature received a mail today saying that the Group feature will not be available after October 16th, 2015. The more important notification was that any data stored in the group will be deleted. If you want to stop your data from deleting, then you have to follow these steps to relocate the data to other folder in OneDrive. This process is pretty simple and in normal word it means that you are downloading your file and then uploading it to OneDrive. The mail also tells about the instruction of sharing your files and folders after moving out from the Groups. So if you are using Group features of OneDrive, then kindly migrate your data to some other location before it’s too late.

  • Chris Knowlton

    It seems pretty lame that you have to download and upload again, rather than just copying the files directly from a Group folder in OneDrive to a personal folder in OneDrive. I expect it will be painful for any OneDrive Group users that have slow Internet connections.