Grey Jean Technologies raises $2 Million, launches Genie


Grey Jean Technologies, New York based Artificial Intelligence powered personalization company which provides inputs on consumer behavior, has raised $2 Million in seed funding. The round was led by Cosmas Wong (CoFounder and President Grey Jean) along with participation from prominent Angel Investors.

With the funding, the company also announced the launch of Genie, the AI powered recommendation engine along with 2 of the earliest clients, Namco Pool (America’s largest dealer of swimming related products) and Hiro Sake (Hand crafted spirit company).

Genie used artificial intelligence backed algorithm to study the consumer behavior on any online portal. The accurate observation of the user’s behavior makes it easy for the platform to target customers with right content and strategy to convert them into a visiting customer. It takes multiple factors into consideration, including transaction history, demographics, social media activity, behavior and preference and then it recommends the next product.

Speaking on the development, Craig Alberino, CEO of Grey Jean stated that Artificial Intelligence has disrupted many verticals in technology and retail seems to be the next target. The team at grey Jean is trying to leverage the vast scope AI can offer in terms of retailing and with help of the experienced team, Grey Jean is driving actual actions and creating behaviors that help retailers achieve real results.

Carlos Arana, co-founder and CEO of Hiro Sake added that in today’s time, when technology has advanced so much, users are craving for personalization. They do not mind sharing personal information, however, in return, they need the marketing messages & emails which are relevant to their needs. He further added that genie is one such available platform which anticipates the user behavior and suggests them the best products for their needs.