Grey collar focused Babajobs secures funds


Babajobs-Feature - 1stGrey collar focused Babajobs secures funds of $10 million from SEEK Limited. Babajobs is dedicated
job portal that brings better job opportunities to aspiring workers. For ex: Delivery Staff, Office assistants,  Drivers, cooks, maids, security guards, gardener etc., by connecting the right employers and
job seekers.

Bengaluru based Babajobs founded in 2007 was founded by Sean Blagsvedt. He is the founder and
Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company visions to make the informal labour market
efficient by aggregating thousands of jobs and millions of job seekers. By appropriately matching job
posts and job seekers based on proximity, price and social connections and pushing these matched
connections to interested people via web or mobiles thorough calls or SMS or USSD.

Through employer solutions like RapidHire, Babajobs drives inbound phone calls from screened
candidates to employers in minutes, has reduced the inefficiencies of hiring in the informal segment of
job market.

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Sean Blagsvedt is the Chief Executive Officer of the Babajobs. He has graduation in Bachelor of Arts in
Computer Science and Public Policy of Brown University in 1999. Most of his career he worked with
Microsoft at various levels till May 2007. He founded the company in April 2007.

Vir Kashyap is the Chief Operating Officers of the company. He graduated in Bachelor of Arts in
Economics and Religion from Bowdoin College in 2002. He started his career as content writer for PC
Magazine in 1999 and joined as content analyst in 2000. The company was acquired by
eBay. He joined summer analyst in Think Investments in 2000. In 2002 he joined Morgan Stanley as
analyst. Vir worked with Morgan Stanley for 2 years and became Vice President at Vega Asset

Vir became Partner in Indavest Venture fund, which was focused on making early stage investments in
India in 2007. He joined Sean in 2009 at .


The company received an undisclosed amount as part of Series A from Khosla Impact and Gray Ghost
Ventures in 2012. Babajobs received $10 million from SEEK as part of Series B funding. SEEK Limited
and its affiliate companies are the largest global online employment marketplace covers Australia and
New Zealand, South East Asia regions of the world.

The funding will be used to Babajobs team and brand. They are planning to develop its mobile app and
improve its telephone services by introducing missed call options for jobs and rolling out RapidHire

After funding Ronnie Fink of SEEK International Corporate Development Director said “Babajob is an
exciting opportunity for us. “We’ve been very impressed with the capabilities of the management team,
and we look forward to assisting them achieve their goal of helping connect more aspiring Indians to


Sean Blagsvedt, CEO and founder of said “I am super excited about Babajobs becoming
India’s largest jobs marketplace for aspiring workers. We plan to invest a lot in people, in growing the
tech, sales and operations team. We’ve masted a lot of operations in the telephony space. We also plan
to ramp up our mobile app offerings, and also marketing.” is available in most Indian languages apart from English and popular tier 1 and 2 cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. Babajobs is exploring a virgin territory in India, where blue and grey collar job market is not much in demand leaving the company, as an undisputed leader in this segment.

They have to compete with smaller startups such Jack on the block and Nanojobs based in Mumbai. This may ring alarm bells to market makers and leaders like and to explore this segment.