GoPro Hero4 Session : Analysis


GoPro rules the Action Camera Industry. GoPro Camera’s successful mantra is defined in 3 ways: Simpler, Smaller and more fun. GoPro dominates the entire industry every year by making tiny changes and adjustments with its basic formula. The entire series of Hero cameras are perhaps the simplest, compact and best performing camera in the existing market.

GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero4 Session is the smallest action camera ever designed to be unremarkable as possible. Whether you fix it on the handle of a bicycle or attached in front of a ski.

The main features that bring out the best in GoPro Hero4 Session are the 8 MP (megapixel) sensors, its 10m/33’ water resistant along with the 170 degree wide angle lens. The top resolutions such as 1440p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, 720p at 100fps are available in Hero4Session.

• They are simple, small but equally strong and tough
• Water resistant without wearing a case
• Ample Battery life
• Steadfast acoustic capturing

• Video quality is not that great compared to Hero4 Silver.
• Battery cannot be removed

GoPro Hero4 Session: Design

Whoever has touched a GoPro session camera will be forced to say that “look how small it is and that the essence of it. The all-new Hero4 Session is designed 50% smaller and 40% lighter compared to the previous Hero4 Black and Silver and it is also compatible with all the existing mounts. It  is highly an astounding compact action-camera.

Fixing Hero4 Session between the spokes of a bicycle is possible but not with every GoPro Cameras. Hero4 Session has made few changes; one is the water resistant Feature that works up to 10 meters / 33ft even if there is no case for protection and second is the improvised ample battery life.

Though the Hero4 session has rough and tough outer shell it is less protected with the knocks and drops. When it is mounted, you need not worry about the damage because it covers all the corners and edges of the Session, just like a case on your phone does. Though the other elements are protected, the lens area could be damaged if it drops down.

Hero4 Session’s unique design also holds a new mounting system with a quick-release bolt. Because of the cubic dimensions, the camera is more flexible when it comes to mounting position, you can simply unbolt the mount and turn the Session 180 degrees to capture a different viewpoint.

GoPro has fitted out this session in textured Rubber, which makes it grip and tough; even if it drops down, it will not be affected. The lens is protected by a sheet of glass bolted on to the body, however if the bolts are damaged you can replace it with the replacement kit with two lens covers costs $40.

GoPro Hero4 session is compact, so the physical controls are limited. Core features are covered by one button on the top of the GoPro Session, next to this, there is a small LCD screen that allows you to find how long you’ve been rolling for, how many pictures you’ve taken, the quality of video you’re shooting, and remaining battery life. The another button is on the back of the session that is used mainly for pairing the external devices such as smartphones or flagging a video highlight so you can find it easily while you’re editing.

Connecting devices is easy, but using this button to flag video highlights hinges on a number of different factors. Firstly the button is hard and it is impossible to access when the Session is mounted. Secondly, flagging a video while doing sky diving from 30000ft above is highly impossible; still, flagging feature is useful when we are not doing something extreme and the session is in your hand.

GoPro Hero4 Session – Performance and Usuage

GoPro Hero4 Session highlights variety of shooting modes ranging from 1440p at 30fps to 480p at 120fps. Unfortunately, the Session does not support 4K shooting; you’ll need to snatch the Hero4 Silver or Black editions for Ultra HD. Still images are captured at 8MP (megapixels) sensors, with options for time-lapse, burst, or single shot modes.

The camera can be mounted in three different ways, and will automatically detect which way up it is; you no longer need to twiddle around in the options to set its positioning

Acoustic quality is lot better compared to Hero4 Silver. It is because of the new dual-microphone design and native waterproofing. Unlike other GoPro cameras, Hero4 Session can record strong audio tracks even in wet shooting situations; however previous models can only capture stifled tracks in their waterproof casings. The dual-microphone design also helps to cut down on wind noise, though it doesn’t eliminate it completely.

GoPro Hero4 Session – Storage and connectivity

A small flap pops out of the right-hand side of the Session when you flip a small switch. This allows access to a microSD card slot and the Micro USB charging port. That’s a step forward for GoPro – most of the Hero4 range still uses the older Mini USB standard. The Session is also benefitted with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, though. Both are there to help the little action cam connect to your smartphone, that brings a host of additional features with it.

GoPro Hero 4 Session 9

Nothing is perfect and so does this camera, the biggest issue is that the camera takes too long to turn on, and to register that it’s turning on. After pressing the record or options button, the unit does access for roughly 2.5 seconds; ultimately a flashing light comes to life and discharge a few short beeps.

Hero4 session doesn’t have an image stabilization system, which sometimes makes the footage little shaky. Plus, turning the camera off doesn’t mean that Wi-Fi is off – that’s a separate option you’ll need to find, and if you don’t then you’ll come back to a Session with a dead battery.

The Verdict

GoPro brings a new life into its industry-leading line of action cams with the Hero4 Session. It’s not only a divergence in design, but it also aims to target a more casual audience with its user-friendly operation. Video quality is unexpectedly good, but fails compared to Hero4 Silver, especially if you want to shoot in 4K.

The primary benefits are that it has more versatile mounting options and user friendly. More sensitive adventure addicts should turn their attention towards the better-equipped Hero4 Silver or Hero4 Black. For more casual shooters, native waterproofing, and compact design makes the Session a very tempting competitor into the crowded action cam Industry.