Watch it GoPro gets shot from a Cannon



GoPros is one of the best and we can even call it a rare camera that can capture visuals from the places, where most of the camera would not get. You can shot videos in various situations including skydiving from the helicopter or any racing scene.

Here comes Ecletical Engineering, made up of two gentlemen Ryan and David, who have built pneumatic cannon from the start. The design of this cannon is similar to the design of what people use for shooting t-shirts into the crazy crowds in any sporting events. After that, the pair has created a functional projectile out of a GoPro Camera. The footage here created is really awesome and entertaining as it soars through the Bay Area sky.

In addition to the Cannon, both the people have also created a special casing for the GoPro by using a 3D printer. The specific casing keeps GoPro protected upon any impact and also help it in stabilizing the footage.

The Ecletical Engineering guys have also posted a guide for the people, who also wants to build their own cannon. The guide will allow anyone from an open field to create their own cannon with the help of required materials and some elbow grease.

Currently, this is the first and only project available under Ecletical Engineering’s belt, but the team is planning to create more videos in near future. They are also seeking any suggestions for the project ideas on their official website.

Want to watch the full video click here.