GoPro acquires 2 video editing startups for $105 Million


GoPro has announced the acquisition of two startups, Stupeflix and Vemory to focus on video editing segment. The combined deal made the company spend around $105 Million combined, which is 20% of the total cash it had in hand.

Stupeflix and Vemory are the companies behind the popular apps Replay and Splice. Respectively based in Paris and Austin, the companies will continue to work from their present locations while officially being a subsidiary. All the employees will also move to parent company’s database.

In the glorious journey of GoPro, video editing has been one of the sore spots and the users do agree to that fact. It seems that the fact did not go unnoticed by the company and it is finally doing something considerable for the users. The default GoPro app is a pain for editing videos and the desktop app doesn’t do any better. GoPro has been a trendsetter in hardware, but clearly, it has failed as a software maker.

Replay by Stupeflix is an app which lets users create a movie from the content in the gallery. It lets the users select pictures and videos and make a bigger movie with the help of effects and music. At the other hand, Splice from Vemory is another video editing app which provides a lot of video editing features which might come handy for editing the videos on the go.