Google introduces Who’s Down app for iOS and Android



Google has not been able to find much success with its social media efforts including Google+. But, Google is planning to launch a new social service named “Who’s Down”. The search giant is currently testing a new app called Who’s Down for Android and iOS platform for teenagers. As of now, this app is available only through invite and that too for school goers.

This app will let you find friends, who are interested in hanging out with you for different activities and different places. According to the report of 9to5Google, this Who’s Down app debuted on Google Play Store and Apple App store over the weekend. The Android version of this app runs on Android 4.0.3 and above version OS, while Apple version runs on iOS 7.0 and above OS.

This app is available through invite only. Interested users can sign-in for Invite through official website of Who’s Down. You’ll be asked to give your email information as well as school name, which mean that this app is meant for teenagers.

This social media app allows you to toggle a switch on the screen to tell your friend you are available to do something with your friends. Toggling switch makes you available for three hours and here you can also select activity you want to do from the prediction or you can add a new one of your choice.

This app will wait for your friends answer and will see if any of your friends are interested in hanging out with you. If anyone interested in your activity confirms by swiping the toggle switch from their app, you’ll get notifications. Then, you can chat with your friends for more details about the plan.

Currently this is in testing phase with limited users, only time will tell how this new social media app from Google performs.