Google’s Voice Search becomes better and more reliable




Google has updated its Voice search. The search giant has announced this news through a blog post. The company said that Voice Search on both platforms Android and iOS will be better and more accurate than the previous version. Google gave us more reason to say “OK Google”.

The new Voice search will process your voice more accurately even in loud surroundings and will give you accurate results in real time. Google wrote in the blog that it has developed better neural network acoustic models by using Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) and sequence discriminative training techniques. In simple word, this will give you more accurate and reliable search results in real life.

The acoustic models will decide difference between similar sounding letters by using feedback loops. Traditionally, the words spoken by users are spilt into small frames, which make it a bit difficult to recognize the words. The new acoustic models utilizes the loop feedback, meaning the software take the letters and sounds it at once as we do in real life. This improves the Voice search features.

All thanks to Google, the new Voice search option will give more accurate results even in noisy surroundings and its response will also be faster. If you want to try out the new Google Voice Search option, you can try out it on Android and iOS devices now.

If you want to know about its development in details, click on the Google Blog Post.