Google’s Standalone VR headsets that don’t need smartphones


Google has made a number of big announcements in the current Google I/O. Just like the past years, Google has announced a new Virtual Reality headset for the people who don’t want to connect it with a smartphone. Yes, Google has announced a new standalone VR headset which doesn’t require any smartphone to be connected. In order to improve users’ VR Experience, Google has come up with this new VR Headsets. 

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Google has unveiled this VR Headset through their official Twitter handle which shows a layout of the new VR Headset setup. Google has not revealed much about the daydream headset, however we can figure out a lot about this new generation VR Headsets from the leaked reports and picture.

Google is planning to launch this standalone headsets along with the high end smartphone series which are already in the list to be launched soon. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8 Note and many more would come up with DayDream Ready. People who don’t want to connect their PC’s or Smartphones to the VR can buy this Standalone headset which supports everything on the device itself. This new devices made by giants like HTC, Lenovo will come up with these DayDream VR Headsets. The real test of this devices will go hand-in-hand later this year.