Google’s self driving Lexus cars are tested in Austin, Texas



Many people in Texas have spotted the Google’s self driving Lexus cars in recent times. Google has confirmed that it is now rolling the vehicles in downtown Austin to test it in different conditions. They have been doing this to test the software that how it reacts to different road conditions, driving environments and traffic patterns. Austin is first city, where Google is testing its self driving cars outside of the mountain, where it has been testing it earlier.

Google may have tested it somewhere else but they have tested in Austin, stating its reason a Google spokesperson said to the Austin American-Statesmen that, “we have loved how much Austin accepts innovation. She also added that Austin has several company’s offices like Google fiber, so it was the natural choices for testing the self driving cars.”

Google’s self driving car will have two safety drivers always ready to take controls. The Company has also taken permission from Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, the Texas Department of Transportation, police and some other authorities before starting its testing process. But the company did not informed public about its testing process last month, due to which many wonders that this process was even legal.

Some Experts has even questioned about the safety of Google car as they have been involved in at least 11 accidents since testing has started. However Google has released the details of those accidents and said that those were minor accidents and none of the accident was caused by self driving Lexus car.