Google’s Self driving car gets confused about cycle track stands

By | August 31, 2015

Google Car

The self driving cars of Google are very careful by design, but after a particular incident its found to be too very careful. A cyclist from Austin has posted the incident of its encounter with Google self driving car Lexus on a road bike forum. He says that the self driving car of Google is unsure about its action, when it saw him doing track stand at a four way intersection.

The cyclist explains that he reached the stop after the Google’s self driving car and then he did track stand on his bike. When the car started to move forward a bit, the cyclist also moved forward a bit to maintain his balance, but car detected this and stopped. This forth and back motion is common thing during track stand, because bike moves forward and backward to maintain the balance during track stand. But it looks like Google’s self driving car was clueless about the incident.

The cyclists wrote on the forum, “I continued to stand, it continued to stay stopped. As it began to move again, I had to rock the bike to maintain balance. It stopped abruptly.” He also added, “We repeated this little dance for about 2 full minutes and the car never made it past the middle of the intersection. The two guys inside were laughing and punching stuff into a laptop, I guess trying to modify some code to ‘teach’ the car something about how to deal with the situation”

This incident is surely pretty funny, but the cyclist wrote positive reviews about the self driving car of Google, as he wrote that he felt safer with the self driving car than the human driving car. Google says that it is expecting these kinds of scenarios, which will allow them to improve the self driving cars features.