Google’s Self Driving car get pulled over by cops



Google is adding more and more features to its self driving cars, as it can navigate through road, be more cautious around kids and can do many more tasks. But it looks like the car is not smart enough to avoid cops. Google’s self driving car gets pulled by cop.

David E. Weekly, a Google’s employee took twitter to post an image that shows this little and cute unmanned car stopped by an officer. The Mountain View Company said via a Google+ post that the car was pulled over due to slow speed. They wrote, “Driving too slowly? Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often.”

These autonomous cars have speed limit of 25 miles, so that they can move on the slower moving roads without scaring people and can be reached pretty easily. These self driving cars from Google are categorized as “Neighborhood Electric Vehicles”.

Google also said that its autonomous cars have covered 1.2 million miles of driving without getting flagged.