Google’s Project Ara phone delayed due to failed drop test

By | August 20, 2015


Recently, Google announced that Project Ara phone module got delayed and would be released sometime in 2016. The Project Ara team has twitted that the electropermanent magnets, which were responsible for keeping together different Ara modules is not strong. This means that the magnets are not strong enough to hold the different modules during the fall test. Still, the replacement of electropermanent magnets has not been finalized for holding all the modules together in the Project Ara phone.

The Tweet from Project Ara Team reads, “No more electropermanent magnets #ProjectAra #FailedTheDropTest.”
Initially while announcing the delay of Project Ara, the Project Ara Team announced that the main reason of delaying the project was “lots of iterations…more than we thought”. However, looking at the new tweet, it looks like the electropermanent magnets had also played a pivotal role in delaying the Project Ara phones.

Project Ara Team has also tweeted the future plans for holding the smartphones and the Tweet reads, “We are testing a signature experience to attach/detach modules. #ProjectAra #HopeYouLikeIt.”

Initially when the Project Ara was announced, it was expected to be released in Puerto Rico in September, but recently it was announced that entire Project Ara phone modules will be released in 2016.