Google’s patent for adjustable frame of glass gets approved

By | September 16, 2015


Google is making lots of efforts to keep its Google Glass wearable more feasible for the users. The patent application of the dynamically adjustable frame of the company got approved on September 8th. The basic problems with the Glass is that you have to frequently adjust the frame whenever it comes down, this happens mostly in the case of running.

Google Glass is one of the most popular products that didn’t perform well in the market. Though the wearable device is pretty good, various issues arise overtime and the price tag of $1500 takes aback people intending to buy it. Privacy was also a major problem with the Glass.

Back in January 2015, the company said, “we’re still committed to Glass and are closing the Explorer program to focus on what’s next. You’ll see future versions of Glass when they’re ready to be released.” This newly approved patent shows the company is committed to Google Glass and trying to make it very feasible and comfortable for the users.

The new Glass is said to come with the Actuator in, which is a little motor for controlling the movements and comes in each arm of the Glass. This feature allows arms to bend in or bend out as per the requirements rather than bending like a straw. Suppose the Glass wearer is running, which means that up and down movement is going to be fast. In this situation the arms of the Glass will grip your head a bit harder, so that the Glass doesn’t slip off your nose.

The actuator can also resize the glass, if it is wide for you. This is also a good news for sports person, who don’t wear their glasses due to fear of breaking it. However, there is still no confirmed news about the application to be included in the Google Glass.