Google’s new Messenger app in Android 5.0 is stock SMS/MMS solution


Google has launched the new messaging app with Android 5.0 version and named it as Messenger. This has left lot of people in confusion, where would the Hangouts go. Well, lets talk about hangouts first, it doesn’t actually gone anywhere, it might be in app drawer or folder. This messenger app is the single stock SMS/MMS solution in Android 5.0.


Google spokesperson has made a statement on the situation

[quote]Messenger and Hangouts offer users choice, each have their individual benefits. Hangouts work great for cross platform (iOS, Android, web) and cross medium communications(voice, video, messaging, SMS). Messenger will be specially designed to be a quick and easy way to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on Android; more to come (Nexus 6 features both apps)[/quote]

Here it is clear, both Messenger and Hangouts app will ship on the Android L devices. But why this retreat away from the Hangouts-centric communication universe? The reason is pretty clear, Hangouts app integration isn’t as quick, clean and easy as Google expected it would be and the users haven’t positively reacted to it or the branding hasn’t helped either.

Coming to the Messenger app, it is there for SMS/MMS not much else, atleast for now. It is expected that Google may add some new features with the further updates. The fact is that it’s now taking up the space Hangouts formerly did on the shortcut bar. Hangouts SMS integration and the whole Google voice integration debacle, haven’t exactly made for smooth sailing to date and now Messenger is coming in to do the some damage control.