Google X Research Labs working to improve the battery technology

By | April 13, 2015

Long standing battery seems to be a must for almost all devices, whether its laptop or tablets or phones. From start-ups to giant tech companies are working on it to improve the battery conditions. Now Google is working on its way to secretly take over the battery business by developing its own solid-state battery that lasts longer than the ones that are prevailing in the market.


Google secretive X Research Labs is reported to be working on many advance technologies that will be focused on consumer products like smartphone, tabs and laptop which has the vital role in every man’s life. The current research will try to improve lithium-ion batteries and develop solid-state batteries and this project is being led by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj. If turned successful, Google battery would be a revolutionary piece of technology and would be like the introduction of solid-state drives which wowed PC enthusiasts with its greatly improved speed and durability over the old mechanical hard drives.

The solid-state batteries technology could be a technology that would change our portable energy consumption ,i.e., with its high energy density and much smaller in the physical aspects. This technology would not only improve performance and lasts longer but is also much safer. Dr.Bhardwaj started testing batteries from other companies for Google’s projects in 2012. After a year, the Google X research team started to brainstorm on Google battery.

Google is already working on various projects that demand battery use, including the tech giant’s self-driving cars and Google Glass, which was teased for its very short life. The project includes a medical project that aims to use nanoparticles to diagnose diseases in humans reply on batteries. Google’s move to work on battery business in not very surprising as all its new projects and devices require longer lasting and better batteries .

Google is not the only one in the race for better battery. Apple, IBM and Tesla Motors all worked on to develop longer-lasting batteries but it did not prove fruitful. The improvements these companies made were very small.