Google with script streaming and code caching speeds up Chrome

By | March 19, 2015
Google chrome

Google chrome

Google Chrome may not be the world’s fastest browser but it is much faster than many of its competitors. Google has recently announced an update which could speed up the browser and change the way how the browser handles JavaScript loading times. All credits to the two new features – script streaming and code caching.

streaming chrome

The image above clearly depicts how Google previously used to handle JavaScripts. Google followed a linear method and progression in which the next step is taken only after the completion of the first step. It doesn’t mean the Chrome is slow but the method shows the steps involved are more.

But that is not the case in the newer method. Chrome can now work in sync and defer scripts on a separate thread as soon as the download begins. This simply means the entire script need not be downloaded before the browser can start to parse this and also, there wasn’t much work for CPU during the downloading process. ┬áThis helps in saving sometime in the progress by taking benefit of the computer’s CPU.

According to Google, this feature enables the pages to load up 10 times faster. The script screaming process is specially effective when large scripts are being used on the page and also if the user is on slow network connection.

The process helps in reducing 40% of compilation time thereby not only helping the pages load faster but can also cut down the energy consumption of the mobile phone’s battery when used on smartphones. This new feature can be found in the latest update of Chrome 41.