Google and Walmart are partnering for a Voice Shipping


Google and Walmart have entered into a partnership for making Walmart products accessible and available to the customers. These products can now be purchased through the voice speaker of Google Home, the tech giant’s innovation, as a competition to the amusing Echo. People who own Google Home can order more than one item at a time, from the Walmart through voice. They can also add, delete and edit multiple items to the cart through the online shopping for larger orders.

More competition, more choice is great for consumers,” Google’s commerce and ads chief Sridhar Ramaswamy told Recode in an interview when asked about Amazon’s own voice-shopping capabilities.

Google and Walmart

Google has initially introduced the voice shipping through Google Home, earlier with other partners like Walgreens, Costco, and PetSmart. The Google Home has bid an offer for the commerce functionality just like the Amazon has done with Alexa’s voice. In last September, Walmart has joined the retailers in this program and as well as the Google Express Shopping as well, starting the same day delivery. In the market with a handful of such markets and few expanding, it has included few other conventional shipping speeds from the partners, so that the service covers the entire nation.