Google updates its Clock App, adds some good features

By | September 23, 2015


Google has always tried to give Android user better and better experience, due to this only several standalone app like Messenger, Camera and Calendar are getting better and better. Now, the search giant has updated its Clock app and added lots of features to it. This new updated Clock app will be very useful to the Android users and this new version of app is going to be very helpful if you own any Android Wear.

The main feature that is added to this new update is the capacity to increase the volume of the alarm gradually, as they sets off. Android users also have option to choose the favorite ringtone, dismiss the alarm if you wake up before the time and control timers from notification.

Some other changes made to the new updates are regarding the look and visuals. The navigation bar of this new update is transparent and looks beautiful. This clock app also gives you option to select different ringtones for Timers and alarms. This new version of Clock app can now integrate with your Android Wear devices. You can manage the alarms options and notifications via your Android wear.

The latest version of Clock app called 4.3 starts rolling out in the Google Play Store from now. This new update is available for every device that runs Android 4.4 and plus Operating System for free.